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FREE Rental Property Investment Strategy

Example:4 Bedroom House & Land Package Gold Coast

House and Land Package Gold Coast

 Gold Coast Investment

Pimpama House & Land Package
Fixed Price : $492,980
  • 4 Bed House
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • 2 Car Garage


Job No: 4599 : Lot 29 Fairbourne Terrace, Pimpama QLD 4209

Approx. Rent $450     House Size: 171 sqm       Land Size :460 sqm

Example how to Enter the Property Investment Market from $40 per week

Approx. Rent Return           : $450 per week

Approx. Loan Repayments : $440 per week

Difference Positive              :   $10 per week

(you need to allow for rates and insurance )

The advice given is based on my life experiences and my rental Properties. 

However I cannot give financial advice, but can direct you to a professional registered financial advisor and also recommend you get your own 2nd opinion.

Finance Packages From our Finance  Advisor

House and Land Packages for $500,000


Borrowing 80%

Funding Example

Purchase Price                           -           $500,000

Plus Estimated Costs                 -           $  12,000 *

Subtotal                                      -           $512,000

Less 80% Loan Amount             -           $400,000

Clients Contribution                    -           $112,000


Estimated Principal & Interest repayments based on a current Indicative Variable rate of 3.99%*** (Comparison Rate 4.04%**) over 30 years = $1,907 per month or $440/wk


*  The estimated costs are based on a Land Price of $250,000. 

**  Comparison Rate based on $400,000 over 30 years.

***  Interest Rates are subject to change without prior notice.  Interest Rates current for 21st March 2018.

My Property Investment Strategy

I have owned many rental properties over the years

After owning many rental properties, I highly recommend owning at least one rental property as a Proven cash-flow strategy, as I have found that over time the investment property earns more rental income than the cost of mortgage, property management, rates and other maintenance costs.

At first you may have to put in a small amount of money of your own as the rent may not fully cover the costs of the loan. This may only cost you $10 to $100 pw depending on the home costs and position, however I have found within a year or 2 the rent increase then covers the full costs of the home.

In my case I have found that putting in $10 to $100 of my own income it is fully tax deductable and will help reduce my tax burden therefore making me more tax efficient.

I have also found that after a few years the home then increases in value, so I can then sell it and can receive a major cash benefit which I spend on a mix of personal luxuries or another investment home.

I have also helped my children get into the rental property market, all have successfully purchased and sold homes, to dramatically increase their income and property portfolio.

My friends and family have all investments, using the Property Investment Strategy all have profitted and they have all found it to be a major benefit in creating wealth.

Property Investment strategies not rocket science or a big secret.

  1. You buy a investment home in a good growth location, preferably near schools or shopping centres.

  2. The home repayments should be as close as possible to the rent you receive from the home (so you do not use much of you own money).

  3. I have found that new homes are best as they need little to no maintenance, so no extra costs.

  4. I have found that having a new home built works best ( house and land package), as when the home is completed the home increases in value the day it is finished.

  5. I have found that after a few years, if you increase the rent you have no out-of-pocket expenses.

  6. I have found that the home increases in value, you then sell the home and get all your money back plus a healthy profit.

Call me direct if you would like some help or free advice - Chris 0401 580 922

I am happy to help with any questions you may have, I can also recommend some house and land packages and finance advisers or check with your own.

I believe there is a great need for new homes and rental properties Australia wide. I have been investing in new homes for over 40 years and find that some time the market slows down, but then catches up very quickly, I have never lost on property, but have made a lot of money in the investment home market.

I also believe there will always be a place for the rental home investor, because not every one can afford a home, especially when they are starting off in life, so they need a home to live in.

The property investor provide the rental homes and will make money becase thay are offering that service.

My Disclaimer

The advice given is based on my life experiences, and is all true and correct, I cannot give financial advice, but can direct you to a professional registered financial advisor and also recommend you get your own 2nd opinion.